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About me.

In March 2008 I successfully gained my master degree in art (major subject), literature and social science (minor subjects) at the University of Osnabrueck. Visual communications, painting and drawing were the main fields of my education in art.

From October 2004 until March 2015 I worked as a student assistant for the Art Department.
During that time I was able to gain much practical experience. My own work as a commercial artist was a necessary and helpful supply to instruct the students. Since 2006 I have been giving seminars in the field of visual media and since 2008 I have been working as academic assistant for the Art Department (University of Osnabrueck) and as self-employed. I started my promotion-project – research about phonetic artistic experiments (analoque und digital/reactive writing systems and text modification) and their benefit for further developments – in 2012 and will finish this year.



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